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Full Site Plan - A Beautiful Condominium-Hotel on Runaway Beach

Inspired by the beauty of its natural environment, Pleasure Cove Resort & Spa features classical Caribbean contemporary architectural design that blends effortlessly and gracefully into the landscape to preserve the beauty of its surroundings. It offers guests a relaxing, breezy environment that makes the most of this island paradise.

Runaway Beach serves as the backdrop for Pleasure Cove Resort & Spa’s one- and two-bedroom condos. This gives owners and guests spectacular views of turquoise Caribbean waters and white-sand beaches, and epitomizes luxury coastal living. The lavish, contemporary layout of this 47-unit beachfront property includes a full-service restaurant/bar, spa, pool and modern reception lobby.

One-Bedroom Luxury Condominium Units

A quick walk from the beach, these one-bedroom condominiums are sumptuously appointed, with modern finishes. Each unit is approximately 700 square feet, and includes a large living space, a kitchenette, a large bedroom, a bathroom and a walkout terrace.


Exclusive Two Bedroom Luxury Condominium Unit with Panoramic Ocean View

This exclusive two-bedroom suite is approximately 1,400 square feet, and is strategically placed on the development site to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the coastline. It offers a large open living space, a full-length terrace with an unobstructed view of the beach and pool, two comfortable bedrooms and two bathrooms. The unit features a lavishly appointed interior that is the height of luxury.


Restaurant and Spa

Located by the calming ocean, Pleasure Cove's restaurant is beautifully designed to be contemporary with bit of Caribbean flair. Decorated with classic finishes and rich limestone flooring, it seats 40 guests and offers a full-service bar, which is conveniently located adjacent to the pool. Interior design elements include relaxing waterfalls, airy furniture placement, modern fixtures and attractive accessories.

Designed for the ultimate escape from reality, the spa features luxurious amenities and soothing lighting. Outfitted with two massage rooms and a complete hair and nail salon, it offers services that suit any guest looking for relaxing, rejuvenating treatments.

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